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There are no winners or losers in aikido, which is pretty great, because winning and losing is not what life is about. Rather, when we practice this uniquely collaborative martial art, we are all learning to work through conflict. We push one another, to build strength, openness, coordination, compassion, and resilience


Wednesdays 4:00—4:40 PM 5-7 years 

Sundays 11:00—11:45 AM 8 and older 


Each fun, lively class includes: 

  • Physical conditioning

  • Paired practice

  • At least one game

  • Short open awareness meditation

  • Participation in the customs and etiquette of the dojo 


Kids who want the challenge of adult classes can take on a full membership, including weapons study, at the instructor’s discretion. 


More kids' classes are coming this summer! If you are interested but this schedule doesn't work yet, or if your kid isn't old enough yet, get on the mailing list

Trying out a kid's class is free! Just contact the dojo via email or text to let us know you're coming. Wear comfortable exercise clothes and be ready to move, receive instruction, and have fun. 


Ximena, age 9


I like Aikido a lot because it is very fun! There are a lot of cool and fun things you do there like belt wrestling, learning to do stuff with your bokken, the techniques and a LOT more! I also like it because there are so many nice people there!  And some of the things are hard or EXHAUSTING but there’s always someone there to help! Some things look very hard, but turn out to be easy. At first I was very scared, and then I realized that it is very fun. I hope to keep doing Aikido.

Winston, age 10

 I'm a 5th grader. I have done martial arts before, but Aikido is different from other martial arts because in Aikido your goal is to work together in the spirit of cooperation instead of violence. Deborah is an amazing teacher who represents Aikido extremely well.


Kids class memberships are $50 a month

All kids must purchase a gi, or training uniform, for $30

All kids will be working through a colored belt ranking system, which requires an annual registration fee of about $60

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